5 female athletes who changed sport

5 female athletes who changed sport

5 female athletes who changed sport

5 female athletes who changed sport

5 female athletes who changed sport

Back then, sports were just only for males. But as the times change, attitudes towards sports have become more open.

And more recently, it has also opened up to transgenders to compete in women’s competitions, but must undergo a 12-month checkup to ensure they are not using testosterone and that’s the way to make the proof that they are eligible to compete in the competition as a male either.

And in today’s society, it has begun to recognize that women’s skills are not inferior to men in many fields.

She was the first woman to compete in the 1967 Boston Marathon, a world-class event. in england She trained with the male contestants.

She is the first female manager in the Premier League. In an interview with
“If it is for professional footballers to change their perspective on female footballers.

A basketball player who signed with the WNBA in 1997, she has won three Olympic gold medals, and was also the first woman to use her name as Nike’s heavyweight title in 1995.

4. Liu Xiang
She is a female swimmer from China. She broke her first ever swimming world record at the 2002 Asian Games in which she backstroked in 26.98 seconds.

5. Ariya Jutanugarn
She is the first Thai female golfer to become No. 1 in the world.

She has won major prizes in the LPGA Tour group worth more than 32 million baht, she has also been awarded Golfer of the Year by Rolex.

Best Performance Award from the Rolex Annika Major Award, the highest paid golfer.And also the most top 10 finishers of the year. Earning $1 million in bonus prize money, Prome revealed that after competing in 2016.

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