Formula One is the best sport

Formula One is the best sport

Formula One is the best sport

Formula One is the best sport

Formula One is the best sport

It is a kind of sport that is very popular all around the world with full of

drama since at the beginning until the end of the contest.

Formula one is the event of the competition that have to take place every

year and for the number of participants have

for 20 drivers who officially present to take part and involve in the game.

Each driver gather together with championship points individually in the

World Driver’s Championship and collectively for the squad they compete

for in the World Constructor’s Championship.

At the end of the season, both championships are presented the FIA Prize

Giving Ceremony hold in different locations

to the participant and team with the most points achieved.

There are many famous drivers throughout the history of formula attending

and presenting to compete in the campaign in order to shine their greatest

performance and try all of their best to get the score points in order to get the best drivers and contractors standing of Formula One.

For the rules of Formula One is set specifically from the chairman of this sportsmanship that have the high and strong power to control the entire group.

Furthermore, before getting the point from the match of racing laps all of the drivers need to strive hard and do as much as they can a long with all of the efforts they have in their skill and talent for fighting to get a better and good result.

In conclusion after the game for the top 10 finishers will get the points from their deserving tough and strength devotion of the game.

More than that for the one who got number one in the final lap of the track will be declaired the winner of the race.

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